Virtek LaserQC

The Virtek Laser QC is great for first part inspection, whether you're using laser, waterjet or punch presses.


Virtek’s LaserQC is the most popular automated 2D laser inspection machine in the industry.  Unlike older camera style systems, the laser-based Virtek has no moving parts.  It works, scan after scan, year after year.

  • Great for first article inspection, SPC, or reverse engineering.  For example, scan a gasket and quickly produce its cad drawing.
  • Easy to Use – for machine operators and QC staff alike.  Simply place the part on the table and hit the scan icon.
  • Designed for the Factory - shop floor friendly system self-calibrates before each scan to insure accuracy to +/-.002”.
  • Produce on demand inspection reports that comply with ISO requirements.  Compatible with dxf, dwg, and iges CAD file formats.
  • Three Sizes Available - 30” x 30”, 48” x 48”, and 48” x 96” (single scan).  Oversized parts can be easily accommodated using the LaserQC’s merged scan feature. 
  • Turn Key System – includes PC, 19” monitor, enclosure, printer, and LaserQC software.

Great for Lasers, Waterjets, and Punch Presses

One objection we occasionally hear is “my laser doesn’t make mistakes, so why do I need a Virtek?”   Yet, any doubts about the value of such a system seem to vanish after installation.  The majority of Virtek owners in Wisconsin operate lasers.  And the LaserQC can scan parts to 8” thick, making it a good fit for waterjet too!

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