AKS Precision Plasma

Plasma Technology That’s a cut above the rest

If plasma is the right choice for your application, you won’t find a better system than AKS. Built in Cleveland, AKS integrates Hypertherm’s industry leading torch and controls with their own heavy duty table and drive system. And the “Robo-Kut” beveling head developed by AKS is second to none. If you are looking for the premium platform for Hypertherm technology, this is it. One of AKS’s many customers is Hypertherm; they use AKS tables at their New Hampshire headquarters.

AKS Accu-Kut Unitized Plasma System

Machine Tool Quality Table for More Accurate Cutting

The Accu-Kut features a durable, one-piece welded frame rather than a bolt-together job like most unitized plasma tables. Side-mounted LM guides are shielded from dross by 3/8” wall tubing, while sectionalized exhaust and easy-access slag drawers keep things clean. The high-profile, heavy-duty frame can withstand the heat of up to 400 amps. Available in table sizes from 6’ x 12’ through 10’ x 48’.

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AKS Dura-Kut Plasma and Oxy-Fuel Cutting System

Heavy-Duty, Gantry-Style Plasma

The Dura-Kut is available in widths from 8’ to 22’, and can accommodate up to 8 torches on one system. Features include a heavy-duty machined crane rail, cross-axis linear guides, welded double-beam bridge frame and an advanced motion system.

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The AKS Tru-Kut is a smaller footprint, unitized body, high precision plasma that shares many top-of-the-line features with the larger Accu-Kut. The unitized frame is machined in a single set-up and uses the same Mitsubishi controls and drives as the industry leading Accu-Kut.

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Robo-Kut Plasma Beveling System

Beveling plus Kerf Angle Compensation

Small holes were traditionally the Achilles heel of plasma.  Not any more.  AKS’s revolutionary Robo-Kut not only edge bevels.  The head slightly tilts while cutting holes, compensating for the natural angularity of plasma. ½” holes in 1” plate? Sure, if you have an AKS equipped with Robo-Kut!  Available on the large gantry-style Dura-Kut all the way down to the smallest Accu-Kut table.

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