Mitsubishi Fiber Lasers

Mitsubishi Electric is the only laser manufacturer to build a true fiber resonator for their fiber lasers. This allows Mitsubishi to prioritize performance, cost-saving technology, and customer success in everyday fiber laser operation. The Mitsubishi fiber line brings their renowned reliability, simplicity, and cost-saving technologies to the world of fiber lasers. With lasers and automation available to 10’ x 26’, Mitsubishi has you covered.

GX-F Advanced Series

The GX-F Advanced pairs increased power, up to 10Kw, with the capabilities of machine learning. An AI enabled laser learns from every cut and movement it makes. What that means in the field is improved speeds, narrowed tolerances, and cost savings as the GX-F Advanced Fiber automatically adjusts to improve cutting performance. Despite all the tech and features in the GX-F Advanced it remains simple to operate. Intuitive controls, remote monitoring, and cut assist software make this powerful flagship laser a favorite for both experienced and new operators.

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GX-F Series

The GX-F Series features intuitive M800 controls, and an update to the revolutionary ZOOM head with flexible beam control. Every major component in the GX-F line is designed and built by Mitsubishi in-house. This means a single source for service and support, and optimized components specifically constructed to reduce operating costs and maximize throughput.

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Mitsubishi XL-F

Mitsubishi’s largest fiber features a 20’ or 26’ long table and several automation options. A 10’ table width makes the XL-F ideal for loading multiple 5’ x 10’ blanks on the shuttle tables in one handling.

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Mitsubishi Zoom Head

Mitsubishi’s ground-breaking Zoom head automatically sets optimal beam diameter, focal length, and mode via a program’s cut conditions to maximize speed, edge quality, and processing range.  Head design is crucial for the performance of a high wattage fiber, and the Zoom is simply the nicest out there.


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