Mitsubishi CO2 Lasers

With its unique no-refurb resonator and low gas consumption, Mitsubishi offers the most cost-effective CO2 laser in the industry.

Mitsubishi eX Plus

The industry’s best selling 5’ x 10’ CO2 is now even better; all the attractions of the eX, plus new features like faster operation and piercing.

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Mitsubishi SR

A lower wattage alternative to the eXPlus, the SR is simple, super reliable, and has a very low cost of ownership. Formerly known as the eX-S.


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Mitsubishi XL

The XL has the same high speed motion system as the XL-F fiber, with a unique beam delivery system that insures a consistent cut quality over its entire 10’ x 20’ cutting area. Available with or without shuttle tables.

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Mitsubishi HVII-R

Simple, powerful, accessible. If you’re looking for a short-run laser check out the HVII-R, the latest in a venerable line of hybrid-style lasers from Mitsubishi.

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Mitsubishi VZ Series

Access to the cutting table is vital for throughput on a short run 3D laser for setting up fixtures, programming, and load/unload. And the VZ series has it in spades. Two models available to best fit your application.

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Mitsubishi CO₂ Resonator

Mitsubishi’s patented resonator is the heart of all of its CO2 lasers. The unique cross-flow design combines many of the advantages of both fiber and traditional fast axial flow CO2s. Simply put, it’s the nicest CO2 resonator out there. Available  from 2kw to 6kw.

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