Mitsubishi Encore

Mitsubishi’s Encore program allows customers to trade in and trade up. Machines are reconditioned to factory specifications at Mitsubishi’s new North American headquarters in Chicago and include install, warranty, and training.

Used from Northland Laser

Used Mitsubishis sold by Northland include install, training, start up guaranty, and like the Encore machines a first year Mitsubishi technical support contract followed by lifetime free phone support.

Customer-to-Customer Brokerage

To facilitate a new sale we will often help to find a buyer for an existing laser. Then the two parties can work directly with one another without having to pay a broker fee. Northland is still available to assist the buyer, lining up the installation and other support services.

Contact us for available used equipment and more information.

Discontinued Models

Mitsubishi RX

The RX features the same feed rates and capacity as the eXPlus in a 2 meter x 4 meter format. It’s a great value for a large footprint laser.

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Mitsubishi eX-F

Mitsubishi’s flagship 5’ x 10’ fiber features the new M800 control, Mitsubishi’s ground-breaking Zoom head, and easy access to the cutting table.


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Mitsubishi SR-F

A lower wattage companion to the eX-F, the SR-F offers speed, simplicity, and high reliability.


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Mitsubishi RX-F

The RX-F is Mitsubishi’s 2 meter x 4 meter fiber. Like the 5′ x 10′ line-up, the RX-F is available with a variety of automation options and can be paired with an RX CO2 in a multiple laser line.

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