Quality and Versatility for Shops that Do It All

Every machine designed and sold by Mitsubishi is built to help you do more high-quality work, easier. For customers with cutting applications that don’t require a laser we have partnered with AKS to make this high standard a reality for water jets. AKS made their name building the nicest table, drive system, and beveling head in the plasma field. Over a century of experience crafting precision equipment in the U.S. has made AKS an industry leader in precision and durability innovation. Paired with Mitsubishi CNC controls and drives, AKS waterjets offer precision and quality not available in any other waterjet on the market.

Water-kut X3

Ideal for Fab Shops

The X3 has an easy access cantilever design, standard 6’ x 12’ bed, 55,000 psi or 90,000 psi pump, and numerous options.  The X3 is the most popular model in the Water-kut series, and a great choice for a fabricating environment.

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Water-kut X4

Unmatched speed and precision

The bridge-frame X4 delivers the highest speed and precision for shops with more demanding waterjet cutting requirements. Standard features include taper control, submerged cutting and automatic touch probe with collision protection. Available in a broad size range.

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Water-kut X2

The AKS X2 is a smaller platform waterjet that maintains many of the high-end features seen in the X3 and X4 systems. Priced as an approachable first-time waterjet, the X2 still offers the precision and durability AKS are known for.

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